Monday, June 15, 2009

wooiii.. i can't see leh..

..was reading the newspaper around 9pm last night and then suddenly everything went dark..!! no i did not go blind from excessive...whatever, but TNB just decided to trip again, for the second time in 3 months...!! and where i live, it will usually take them hours before the electricity would come back on. i learned that the hard way the last time, sweating like a naked pig waiting, and waiting and hoping the air-con would suddenly come back on..

so last night, i got smart. i immediately packed my clothing for today and checked myself into a nearby hotel..hehe..quite a decent one i must say, and at only rm80, it was quite value for money. small room with attached shower and toilet but only glass wall...wah, damn kinky i tell can actually watch TV and at the same time see your friend shitting on the toilet bowl..haha!!..nvm, i was alone....then i noticed there was this white thingy (contraption..) that looks like a cctv on the ceiling..hmm..normally they come with clear covers but this one was painted white...wah..this hotel must be really designed for something more than just sleeping...oh dear...i showered and sat on the toilet in full view of the cctv earlier...!!..nvm, i just might become famous when my VCD hits the pasar malam stalls..haha

anyway, i actually got a decent night's sleep...there were no strangers knocking on my door in the middle of the night and this morning i got up early to check on my house. electricity was back on already and my room was freezing cold from the air-con !! fed mr momo his food. bet mr momo was all scared staying in the darkness by himself last night coz he was meow-meowing away noisily when he heard me opening the door this morning...

i'm gonna be sending TNB my hotel bills if they keep tripping like this..!!

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